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One account, hundreds of fleets

Manage all your printers at home, at school, and at your makerspace, all through one easy interface. Never be further than one click from a 3D Printer.


Predict issues before you print

Use our visualizers to analyze issues in the surface quality before you slice or print.

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Automated Timelapses, records, and history

Record a history of everything that passes through your fleet to manage utilization.


First Layer Visualizer

Stop peering under your models to see if they’re touching the bed. Immediately check your first layer before you even slice.


Security Trusted by Harvard

Built with encrypted storage and encrypted SSL networks. Delete a model or gcode from your library, and it’s erased completely from our cloud storage.

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Charge Users for Prints

Want to capitalize on your idle 3D Printer? Directly charge members of your fleet for 3D Prints through our online interface.


Add and Manage Users for Free

We believe in allowing everyone to 3D Print, hence we don’t charge to add more people to a fleet.

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Smart Queues that don’t stall

If and when a Printer fails, the print jobs scheduled on it are not stalled.

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Filament Organizer

Organize your filaments and let others know which ones are in stock. Have filament-specific configurations, easily managed

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Peace of Mind

One click to cancel a print

One click to restart onto the smart queue

One click to share your private, secure link that only lasts for the length of the print job