The Smartest Cloud 3D Printing Software

The Smartest 3D Printing fleet management Software

With integrated payments and advanced user management, MakerFleet is built to scale with you.


Features That Help You Grow


One account to manage all your fleets

One account connects you to fleets local and around the world, all with their own users and permissions.

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Charge Users for Prints through the Platform

Approve print jobs through your phone. Pay off your 3D Printer or filament without lifting a finger.

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Easily Add and Manage Users, For Free

We believe everyone should have access to a 3D Printer, so we made it free to add your friends.


30x More Prints, Half the time spent on repairs

We make your 3D Printer more accessible to others, while making sure their print jobs won’t break your printer.

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Integrate easily and securely

MakerFleet runs off your spare Raspberry Pi 3B+, but you don’t need to write a single terminal command.

Universities like Harvard trust us and for good reason. With encrypted storage, encrypted uploads, and the only encrypted live streaming service, we’ve proven a strong commitment to your security.



Scalable Scheduling Solutions

Putting your 3D Printer on MakerFleet can increase printing by 30X, which means you’ll need a scalable solution to queueing and scheduling.

Smart Queueing allows you to scale effectively, which means if a printer breaks or is stalled, the print jobs queued won’t be delayed.



We had to buy 10 more printers just to keep up with demand.

Joanne Healy, Harvard Innovation Labs

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“It’s a very simple and easy to use interface, which makes it less intimidating for those who aren’t as familiar with 3D Printing.”

Guang Chen, Accure Health